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Sedan driver Trent Dhu, who will perform a spectacular fire-wall daredevil act at Hessions Auto Parts Grafton Speedway on September 30, is obviously not afraid of danger.

Trent, who has driven Four Cylinder and Production Sedans in a 13-year speedway career, will strap himself to the bonnet of a car as it crashes through three walls of fire. The death defying fire wall stunt will be part of a massive opening show at the Grafton venue, also highlighted with two separate fireworks displays during the night.

The initial sky show will be held for the kids earlier in the evening, while the second spectacular will blast off toward the end of the fixture. Speedway racing will feature V8 Dirt Modified, Street Stock, National Four Cylinder Sedan, Junior Sedan, Wingless Sprint, Lightning Sprint, Production Sedan and AMCA action.

The V8 Dirt Modified Spring Cup run over a 30-lap distance will highlight the racing programme.

Meanwhile, Dhu, 29 from Casino, not only lives life in the fast lane but is the ultimate thrill seeker.

His fire wall performance also has been witnessed using a Monster Truck to crash through flaming barriers.

In between all this he has managed to win a trio of NSW Four Cylinder Sedan Championships in five years in what makes him one of the most unique speedway competitors on the current national scene.

“Sometimes you hope for the best as you come out the other side,” Trent remarked in relation to crashing through the blazing timber walls.

“I like to do this just for the excitement of the crowd. People probably question why I would do something what seems so stupid, but I do enjoy doing what I do for the thrill of it all.”

Just to add even further intrigue to the event he has yet to a select a driver for the Ford Falcon sedan he will be strap onto at the Grafton track on September 30. The driver will be new to this routine, which will add further tension to the occasion.

But Dhu takes it all in his stride and says the only chances of something going amiss is if “you don’t hit the timber at the right point.” He says, in the worst possible scenario, he might cop a few splinters. “Every now and then there can be a problem,” Trent casually remarked. It’s obvious he plays down the potential risks involved, having done this stunt for a number of years.

Dhu has a bagful of tricks. He has even sat in the wheel of a monster truck while it is moving but it’s all just a night’s work for the man who obviously loves a ride on the wild side. “It’s an adrenalin rush,” he said in answer to why he is prepared to challenge danger head-on.

Promoter David Lander has scheduled seven fixtures at Hessions Auto Parts Grafton Speedway between September 30 and next March.

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