Trent Martin (528x640) Trent Martin.


Home Town: Goonelabah.

Partners Name: Lisa.

Started Speedway: I crewed for V/8 Dirt  Modifieds then started racing a sedan in the four cylinder division.

First Race Car:  Ford Cortina that I bought from Max Graham.

First Road Car: Don’t laugh, A Holden Gemini.

Sponsors: Doc Dorahy Tractors & Machinery. Macmaster Harvesters.

Favourite Track:  Warrnambool was a great facility and a very fast track, Grafton is a blast to drive. It sure keeps you busy.

Career Highlights:  That’s a work in progress. My first season was very satisfying, I won the Nowra 50 lapper. Top point scorer in Australian Title (then it was washed out).  Second season I won Summerland and Lismore point score, fourth in NSW Title and this year fourth in Victorian Title.

Toughest Competitor:  This division is so close it’s a matter of who guesses the correct setup on the night. That is the great thing about this class of racing.

Race you should have won and let it slip away:  That’s plenty of races, beaten by a racer who was smarter on the night. It’s the old story, “Guess wrong and your gone.”

Andrew Plim (452x640)

Andrew Butcher-Plim


Home Town:  Casino

Started Speedway: 2010 Grafton, came 3rd

Division First Raced:  4 Cylinders

First Race Car:  Ford Telstar

First Road Car:  Ford Festiva

Favourite Track: Grafton / Gympie

Sponsors: Just Brake & Exhaust, Newstead Automotive, Cutting Edge Mowers, Everingham engine Services.

Career Highlights:  Being Named Over All Point Score & Feature Point Score Winner In 2011/2012 Season

Toughest Competitor:  Brother In-Law, Trent Dhu

What Is The Race You Should Have Won And Didn’t: NSW Fast 4’s National Title 2013

Why Did You Miss Out:    Electrical Dramas ( Killswitch Failure)

Ian O'Toole (398x640) Ian O’Toole


Home Town: Grafton

Started Speedway:  1997

Division First Raced:  Compact Speedcars

First Race Car:  Lowbar Compact Speedcar with a Datsun engine.

First Road Car:  1968 Holden HK Kingswood

Favourite Track:  Lismore and the old Newcastle Motordrome

Career Highlights:  2nd in last year’s NSW Wingless Title.

Sponsors:  Coffs Car Wreckers,  LSR Trenayr.

Toughest Competitor :  Trent Martin, he is a clean racer but aggressive, David Eggins this season has been very fast and consistent.

Race you should have won and let it slip away:  Last years NSW Wingless Title, I was leading by a fair Margin only to have a red light. At the restart I didn’t have the speed to hold off a fast finishing Mick Santin.

Family: Not married, I have 6 nieces and 6 nephews, it’s a great deal I can borrow and hand back.

Shane Newstead (345x640)

Shane Newstead


Home Town: Casino

How Did You Get Into Racing: My dad used to race, Mum used to drag all us kids along and sit in the grandstand, she still sits in the same place and has the first program ever printed at Lismore. Dad raced with  Shaun Mortimer my cousin,

I was still at school and dad said I had better start racing, Mum was furious.

Division Raced: I changed from racing stockers to AMCA’s about 10 years ago. We bought a really cheap car to start with, then Danny Smith built us a Rocket Chassis. The cost is under $10,000 and is good budget racing and the AMCA group are a great bunch.

Best Win: Would have to be the NSW Title in Lismore last year

Toughest Competitor: Nick Stubbs, Steve Potts and Shane Mckinnell all good to race against.

Favourite Track: Lismore of cause

Who Do You Want To Thank:  Ann my partner, Mum and Dad, Danny Smith, Col Randall, all the guys who give a hand in the pits, and of cause David Lander for providing the track to race on.

Sponsors: Afco Shock Doctor,  Love Shack Cabins, Lucas Oil Products, Newstead Automotive Services, Burson Auto Parts

Mark Robinson (640x526)

Mark Robinson


Home Town: Lismore

Started speedway: 1998

Division First Raced: V8 Dirt Modified

First Race Car: V8 Dirt Modified

First Road Car: Ford Escort

Favourite Track: Parramatta

Career Highlights: Winning 2 Australian titles

Sponsors: Castrol Edge – Trevan Ford Lismore & Ballina – Ben Daley Signs – Southside Truck Centre

Toughest Competitor: Peter Britten

Race you should have won but let it slip away: 07-08 Australian Title in Lismore leading race until flat RR tyre

Family: Wife Chloe & Daughters Allie & Erica


IMG_0476 (474x640)

Scott Owen.


Home Town: Casino

Family: Partner Kel and three beautiful children, Georgia, Seth and Pypia

Division First Raced: Juniors

Division Now Racing:  Street Stocks

First Race Car:  4 Cylinder Ford Cortina

First Road Car: Ford Cortina Ghia

Sponsors:  Aussie Auto Casino,  Blackwoods,  Six Feet Deep Clothing,  Reeves Building.

Favourite Track:  Grafton

Career Highlights:   Winning the 2012 Australian RSA Street Stock Championship, Club Champion and Division Champion.

Toughest Competitor:  Everyone in the Street Stock Division, it is unbelievably competitive.

Race you should have won and let it slip away:  I will never forget it the 2009 Australian Title at Parramatta. I hit the lead just before the amber light, that put me back into third and that’s where I finished.



Paul Booker (640x411)Paul Booker  – V8 Dirt Modified


Home Town:  Lismore

Partners Name:  Angela

Started Speedway:  1995

First Division Raced:   Modified.

Your First Race Car:  V8 Dirt Modified – A Gremlin

First Road Car:  1966 HR Holden

Favourite Track:  Lismore, by far the best track on the east coast of Australia.

Career Highlights:  I ran 3rd in the 2012 Queensland State Title.

Toughest Competitor:  Peter Britten

What is the race you should have won and didn’t:  2011 at Archerfield I was leading the feature with 3 laps to go and was taken out by another driver.

Leading the Charity Pushbike Race this year at Lismore against the Under 14s I had the race shot to pieces and I fell off my bike, but I will be back next year.

Sponsors:  Ballina Fibreglass Supplies, Cape Byron Formwork, Bolt Barn, Darryl Schwebel Building,  AJM Air Conditioning,



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