Title: Round 7 – World Midget (Speedcar) Championship
When: January 31st, 2014
Category: Event

AMCA Nationals, Street Stocks.


Gates open at 3pm racing starts at 6pm

Result of the event "Round 7 – World Midget (Speedcar) Championship"
  Midget (Speedcar) Heat 1:  1st Brad Mosen, 2nd Chris Bell, 3rd Brock Dean Heat 2:  1st Pierce Lehane, 2nd Peter Honnibell, 3rd Mick Harders Heat 3:  1st Scott Jenes, 2nd Shane O’Connor, 3rd Nathan Smee Heat 4:  1st Brad Mosen, 2nd Bryan Caulson, 3rd Chris Bell Heat 5:  1st Ricky McGough, 2nd Matt Smith, 3rd Adam Clarke Heat 6:  1st Michael Stewart, 2nd Nathan Smee, 3rd Michael Kendall Heat 7:  1st Darren Hagen, 2nd Peter Honnibell, 3rd Brock Dean Heat 8:  1st Michael Kendall, 2nd Chris Bell, 3rd Michael Stewart Heat 9:  1st Brad Mosen, 2nd Dean McAllen, 3rd Ricky McGough B Main:  1st Michael Stewart, 2nd Robert Mackay, 3rd Shane o’Connor, 4th Alex Bright Main:  1st Brad Mosen, 2nd Chris Bell, 3rd Bryan Coulson    AMCA Nationals Heat 1:  1st Paul Reeves, 2nd John Slack, 3rd Tony Blanch Heat 2:  1st John Slack, 2nd Shane Newstead, 3rd Paul Reeves Heat 3:  1st Shane Newstead, 2nd Tony Blanch, 3rd John Slack Main:  1st Shane Newstead, 2nd Tony Blanch, 3rd John Slack   Street Stocks Heat 1:  1st Rob Lesha, 2nd Brad Carroll, 3rd Luke Gray Heat 2:  1st Rob Lesha, 2nd Daniel Clapham, 3rd Luke Gray Heat 3:  1st Brad Carroll, 2nd Matt Corcoran, 3rd Jay Waters Main:  1st Josh Oliver, 2nd Lindsay Clapham, Matt Corcoran          
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