Title: MR V8 MODIFIED Round 1 – Wingless 50 Lap
When: December 26th, 2015
Category: Event

Modified Sedans, Production Sedans, Wingless Sprints, Junior Sedans, Street Stocks, National 4’s

Gates Open 3pm

Racing @ 6pm

Result of the event "MR V8 MODIFIED Round 1 – Wingless 50 Lap"
Modified Sedans
Heat 1 1st Rodney Parmenter 2nd Steven Quirk 3rd Allan Nash
Heat 2 1st Quinten Clarke 2nd Steve Stubbs 3rd Michael Shelford
Heat 3 1st Todd Doyle 2nd Justin Drew 3rd Wade Cunningham
Heat 4 1st Greg Worling 2nd Rodney Parmenter 3rd Jordan Biviano
Heat 5 1st Robert Trapp 2nd Graham Beer 3rd Justin Drew
Heat 6 1st Jordan Biviano 2nd Rodney Parmenter 3rd Corey Stein
Feature 1st Rodney Parmenter 2nd Jordan Biviano 3rd Max Clarke
Junior Sedans
Heat 1 1st Sam Weir 2nd Nikki Youngberry 3rd Matt Weir
Heat 2 1st Nikki Youngberry 2nd Matt Weir 3rd Sam Weir
Heat 3 1st Nikki Youngberry 2nd Matt Weir 3rd
Feature 1st Sam Weir 2nd Matt Weir 3rd Nikki Youngberry
Street Stocks
Heat 1 1st Marley Weller 2nd Jay Waters 3rd car 10
Heat 2 1st Marley Weller 2nd Jay Waters 3rd Luke Gray
Heat 3 1st Marley Weller 2nd Jay Waters 3rd Car 40
Nationals 4's
Heat 1 1st Tim Weir 2nd Jack Kay 3rd
Heat 2 1st Mathew Layton 2nd Car 46 3rd Ben Scully
Heat 3 1st Ben Scully 2nd Jack Kay 3rd Luke Watt
Feature 1st Jack Kay 2nd Ben Scully 3rd Luke Watt
V8 Dirt Modified
Heat 1 1st Jai Stephenson 2nd Scott Quirk 3rd Nick Knott
Heat 2 1st Mark Robinson 2nd Andrew Pezzutti 3rd Trevor Blanch
Heat 3 1st Scott Cannon 2nd Geoff Phillips 3rd Brayd Stephenson
Heat 4 1st Brent Hall 2nd Jai Stephenson 3rd Tony Dunn
Heat 5 1st Scott Cannon 2nd Mark Robinson 3rd Andrew Pezzutti
Heat 6 1st Paul Booker 2nd Geoff Phillips 3rd Sam Bruggy
Feature 1st Jai Stephenson 2nd Scott Cannon 3rd Brent Hall
Production Sedans
Heat 1 1st Mark Quirk 2nd Stuart Fawcett 3rd Andrew Wilson
Feature 1st Trent Nicolia 2nd Andrew Wilson 3rd Matt Bidner
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