Title: Mr V8 Modified Round 3
When: January 9th, 2016
Category: Event

AMCA Nationals, Litre Sprints, Production Sedans, Street Stocks, Junior Sedans



Gates open 3pm      Racing @ 6pm

Result of the event "Mr V8 Modified Round 3"
National 4's 
Heat 1 1st Matthew Claydon 2nd Ben Scully 3rd Matthew Layton
Heat 2 1st Matthew Layton 2nd Brodie Armstrong 3rd Ben Scully
Feature 1st Brodie King 2nd Matthew Layton 3rd Ben Scully
Junior Sedans
Heat 1 1st Sam Weir 2nd Matt Weir 3rd Nikki Youngberry
Heat 2 1st Nikki Youngberry 2nd Sam Weir 3rd Matt Weir
Feature 1st Nikki Youngberry 2nd Sam Weir 3rd Matt Weir
Street Stocks
Heat 1 1st Jay Waters 2nd Luke Gray 3rd Josh Donnelly
Heat 2 1st Luke Gray 2nd Dale Corbett 3rd Josh Donnelly
Feature 1st Jay Waters 2nd Josh Donnelly 3rd Luke Gray
Production Sedans
Heat 1 1st Chris Besselling 2nd Nick Chilcott 3rd Trent Nicolia
Heat 2 1st Nick Chilcott 2nd Chris Besselling 3rd Mark Quirk
Heat 3 1st Trent Nicolia 2nd Nick Chilcott 3rd Chris Besselling
Feature 1st Trent Nicolia 2nd Mark Quirk 3rd Wes Smith
V8 Dirt Modified
Heat 1 1st Brent Hall 2nd Sam Bruggy 3rd Chris Corbett
Heat 2 1st Scott Cannon 2nd Kevin Britten 3rd Nick Knott
Heat 3 1st Scott Quirk 2nd Sam Bruggy 3rd Jeff Holland
Heat 4 1st Kevin Britten 2nd Anthony Ashen 3rd Scott Cannon
Heat 5 1st Kevin Britten 2nd Andrew Firth 3rd Sam Bruggy
Heat 6 1st Scott Quirk 2nd Anthony Ashen 3rd Scott Cannon
Feature 1st Chris Corbett 2nd Scott Cannon 3rd Anthony Ashen
AMCA Nationals
Heat 1 1st Stuart Hall 2nd Lewis Gamble 3rd Jim Knight
Heat 2 1st Stuart Hall 2nd Matt Egan 3rd Shane Newstead
Heat 3 1st Jim Gamble 2nd Shane Newstead 3rd Lewis Gamble
Feature 1st Stuart Hall 2nd Shane Newstead 3rd Jim Gamble
Litre Sprints
Heat 1 1st Mick Hunter 2nd Lindsay Clapham 3rd Ethan Eyears
Heat 2 1st Glen Eyears 2nd Craig Transton 3rd Ethan Eyears
Feature 1st Ethan Eyears 2nd Lindsay Clapham 3rd Glen Eyears
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