Title: AZA Motel Speedcar Super Series
When: March 22nd, 2014
Category: Event

Litre Sprints, Wingless Sprints, Street Stocks, National 4’s, Junior Sedans.

Result of the event "AZA Motel Speedcar Super Series"
LITRE SPRINTS Heat 1:  1st Kurt Wilson,   2nd Ethan Eyears,   3rd  Mitchell Randall; Heat 2:   1st Ethan Eyears,   2nd Kurt Wilson,  3rd  D  J  Raw; Heat 3:   1st Kurt Wilson,   2nd Mitchell Randall,   3rd  Ethan Eyears; Feature:  1st Kurt Wilson,   2nd D  J  Raw,  3rd  Mitchell Randall;   STREET STOCKS Heat 1: 1st Matt Corcoran,  2nd  Luke Gray,  3rd  Jay Walters; Heat 2: 1st Jeff Rose,  2nd  Luke Gray,  3rd  Lindsay Clapham; Heat 3: 1st Luke Gray,  2nd Lindsay Clapham,  3rd  Jeff Rose; Feature:  1st Jeff Rose,  2nd Luke Gray,  3rd L J Gray;   WINGLESS SPRINTS Heat 1:  1st Warren King,  2nd Trent Martin,  3rd Mitchell Haynes; Heat 2:  1st Bruce Hall,  2nd Mitchell Haynes,   3rd David Eggins; Heat 3:  1st Trent Martin,  2nd David Eggins,   3rd Robert Mazzer; Feature:  1st Trent Martin,  2nd David Eggins,   3rd Mick Santin;   NATIONAL 4s Heat 1:  1st Trent Dhu,  2nd Brock Armstrong,  3rd Andrew Butcher-Plim; Heat 2:  1st Brock Armstrong,  2nd Trent Dhu,  3rd Brodie King; Heat 3:  1st Trent Dhu,  2nd Brock Armstrong,  3rd Brodie King; Feature:  1st Trent Dhu,   2nd Brock Armstrong,  3rd Brodie King;   SPEEDCARS Heat 1:  1st Troy Jenkins,  2nd   Brendan Palmer,  3rd   Matt Greenwoo; Heat 2:  1st Rusty Whittaker,  2nd   Nathan Smee,   3rd   Michael Harders; Heat 3:  1st Matt Smith,  2nd   Nathan Smee,  3rd   Matt Greenwood; Heat 4:  1st Brett Thomas,  2nd   Brendan Palmer,  3rd   Troy Jenkins; Feature:  1st Brendan Palmer,  2nd   Anthony Chaffey,   3rd   Matt Smith;
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