Title: Lismore Nissan & Kia Modified Sedan Nationals
When: November 15th, 2014
Category: Event

Compact Speedcars, AMCA Nationals, Wingless Sprints, National 4’s, Junior Sedans


Result of the event "Lismore Nissan & Kia Modified Sedan Nationals"
Wingless Sprints
Heat 1 1st Adam Wallis, 2nd Adam Bailey 3rd David Eggins
Heat 2 1st Warren King 2nd Mick Santin 3rd Rob Mazzer
Heat 3 1st Adam Wallis, 2nd David Eggins 3rd Kevin Willis
Feature 1st Mitchell Haynes 2nd Kevin Willis 3rd Murray Cross
AMCA Nationals
Heat 1 1st Marley Weller 2nd Tony Blanch 3rd Nick Stubbs
Heat 2 1st Tony Blanch 2nd Paul Reeves 3rd Shane Newstead
Heat 3 1st Geoff Hayes 2nd Mitchell Randall 3rd Paul Reeves
Feature 1st Geoff Hayes 2nd Nick Stubbs 3rd Tom Vickery
Modified Sedans
Heat 1 1st Greg Worling 2nd Mark Raymont 3rd Steven Quirk
Heat 2 1st Aiden Raymont 2nd Todd Doyle 3rd Steve Blackburn
Heat 3 1st Aiden Raymont 2nd Mark Raymont 3rd Max Clarke
Heat 4 1st Greg Worling 2nd Todd Doyle 3rd Steven Quirk
Heat 5 1st Mark Raymont 2nd Todd Doyle 3rd Steven Quirk
Heat 6 1st Max Clarke 2nd Shannon Blackburn 3rd Mick Langton
Feature 1st Aiden Raymont 2nd Mark Raymont 3rd Jason Beer
National 4's
Heat 1 1st Mathew Layton 2nd James Elliott 3rd Mathew Clayton
Heat 2 1st James Elliott 2nd Mathew Layton 3rd Mathew Clayton
Heat 3 1st James Elliott 2nd Mathew Clayton 3rd Mathew Layton
Feature 1st James Elliott 2nd mathew Layton 3rd Gerry Flood
Compact Speedcars
Heat 1 1st Gary Hudson 2nd Nick Hudson 3rd Wayne Corbett
Heat 2 1st Rob Stewart 2nd Wayne Corbett 3rd Mick Hunter
Heat 3 1st Rob Stewart 2nd Nick Hudson 3rd Gary Hudson
Feature 1st Gary Hudson 2nd Wayne Corbett 3rd Nick Hudson
Junior Sedans
Heat 1 1st Josh rose 2nd Aiden Weir 3rd Sam Weir
Heat 2 1st Josh rose 2nd Sam Weir 3rd Aiden Weir
Feature 1st Josh rose 2nd Sam Weir 3rd Nikki Youngberry
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