Title: Lucas Oil World Midget (Speedcar) Championship Round 7
When: January 30th, 2015
Category: Event

Wingless Sprints, Street Stocks, Junior Sedans, Production Sedans.


Gates open @ 3pm Racing starts @ 6pm


Result of the event "Lucas Oil World Midget (Speedcar) Championship Round 7"
Street Stocks
Heat 1 1st Jay Waters 2nd Brad Carroll 3rd Brock Armstrong
Heat 2 1st Brock Armstrong 2nd Paul Reeves 3rd Scott Owen
Feature 1st LJ Gray 2nd Scott Owen 3rd Paul Reeves
Junior Sedans
Heat 1 1st Aiden Weir 2nd Josh Rose 3rd Nikki Youngberry
Heat 2 1st Josh Rose 2nd Aiden Weir 3rd Nikki Youngberry
Feature 1st Aiden Weir 2nd Josh Rose 3rd Nikki Youngberry
Wingless Sprints
Heat 1 1st Warren King 2nd David Eggins 3rd Robert Mazzer
Heat 2 1st Bruce Hall 2nd Mitchell Haynes 3rd Mark Connelly
Heat 3 1st Mitchell Haynes 2nd Rob Hamilton 3rd Murray Cross
Heat 4 1st Trent Disson 2nd Robert Mazzer 3rd Cameron Nixon
Feature 1st Mitchell Haynes 2nd Warren King 3rd Trent Disson
Production Sedans
Heat 1 1st Mark Quirk 2nd Nick Chillcott 3rd Chris Besseling
Heat 2 1st Mark Quirk 2nd Nick Smith 3rd Nick Chillcott
Feature 1st Nick Chillcott 2nd Mark Quirk 3rd Mykel English
Midget (Speedcars)
Heat 1 1st Bryan Clauson 2nd Michael Stewart 3rd Brad Mosen
Heat 2 1st Tyler Thomas 2nd Chris Gwilliam 3rd Robert Mackay
Heat 3 1st Michael Pickens 2nd Darren Hagan 3rd Brock Dean
Heat 4 1st Chris Gwilliam 2nd Brad Mosen 3rd Nicholas Rowe
Heat 5 1st Mark Brown 2nd Nathan Smee 3rd Michael Pickens
Heat 6 1st Darren Hagan 2nd Matt Smith 3rd Adam Wallis
Heat 7 1st Chris Gwilliam 2nd Thomas 3rd Darren Hagan
Heat 8 1st Bryan Clauson 2nd Kaiden Manders 3rd Mark Brown
Heat 9 1st Matt Smith 2nd Nathan Smee 3rd Leon Burgess
B Main 1st Leon Burgess 2nd Anthony Chaffy 3rd Rusty Wittaker
Feature 1st Bryan Clauson 2nd Michael Pickens 3rd Darren Hagan
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